Lauréats Appel à Projets ‘GenOmics of rare diseases’ 2021

La Fondation Maladies Rares est très heureuse de vous annoncer les lauréats de l’Appel à Projets ‘GenOmics of Rare Diseases’ 2021.

Après délibération du comité scientifique, ce sont 9 projets qui seront soutenus par la Fondation Maladies Rares cette année dans le cadre de cet Appel à Projets.

  • Minchul Kim ; Tracking the origin of tubular aggregate myopathy by single-nucleus transcriptomics
  • Djihad Hadjadj ; Identification of constitutional genetic abnormalities predisposing to Familial midgut carcinoid tumors
  • Marion Delous ; Transcriptomic study during neuronal differentiation of RNU4ATAC-associated rare diseases: connecting splicing defects to brain developmental abnormalities
  • Stéphane Viville ; Deciphering genetic causes of non-obstructive azoospermia via exome sequencing; a way to personalize treatments and to develop new diagnostic tools.
  • Audrey Putoux ; Towards the identification of genes involved in recurrent anencephaly
  • Marie-Louise Frémond ; Identifying Novel Monogenic Interferon-Mediated Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Xavier Puéchal ; Deciphering genetic and molecular bases of Whipple disease
  • Sandrine Vuillaumier-Barrot; Research of homozygous variant in 5’ or 3’UTR ALG12 region or cis regulating elements by whole genome for one ALG12-CDG suspected patient
  • Celine Huber ; Identification of new pathogenic variants in individuals with Chondrodysplasias with multiple dislocations (CMD) combining WGS and RNASEQ

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