A look back at the 2024 Paris Marathon and Half-Marathon, united for research on rare diseases.

April 12, 2024 | News

In the bustling streets of Paris, the Paris Marathon and the Paris Half Marathon once again brought together our runners in solidarity, all united in a single goal: to run while supporting research on rare diseases. 

These 2 iconic races, organized by ASO, were a triumph of solidarity, determination and hope.

This year, the Rare Diseases Foundation was able to count on its solidarity runners present in large numbers at these 2 events. For the first time at the Paris Half Marathon, the Foundation was able to count on 19 runners in solidarity. The Marathon brought together 27 runners in solidarity this year. 

But the impact of this event goes far beyond the miles travelled. Thanks to the invaluable generosity of our dedicated donors, we were able to raise a remarkable sum of €5000 for the half marathon, and €17500 for the marathon. This collection will be entirely dedicated to research, patient support and awareness of rare diseases. Every euro helps advance science, improve care, and offer hope to those who need it most.

The Rare Diseases Foundation would like to express its most sincere thanks to its 46 runners for all their commitment because each step has been a symbol of courage and resilience, carrying with it the hope of a better future for those who fight against rare diseases.

To all the runners who crossed the finish line with courage and determination, we express our deep admiration. Your passion, perseverance and solidarity are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for flying the flag of hope and solidarity.

To our valued donors, your generosity demonstrates your commitment to the fight against rare diseases, and we are deeply grateful.

And finally, our thanks go to the entire organization of the Paris Marathon and the Paris Half-Marathon, for allowing us to once again associate ourselves with the solidarity bibs on these two emblematic events.

Together, we have proven that even the toughest challenges can be overcome when we unite for a cause greater than ourselves. 

M and SM photos
Some of our Marathon runners!