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The Foundation For Rare Diseases has an active scientific policy to bring about major discoveries by financing academic research projects and innovations in the fields of biology, chemistry and the human and social sciences.

Launching of the call for projects for the Foundation For Rare Diseases

The Foundation launches 4 to 5 calls for projects per year to support French research teams in the essential stages. Today, more than 40 calls for projects have been launched and 237 projects have been funded for 14.3 million euros.

To identify the cause of diseases: 4.61 million euros for 253 research projects

To help develop new treatments: 5.45 million euros for 138 research projects

To improve the daily life of patients: 4.5 million euros for 54 research projects

Launch of joint call for projects

The Foundation participates in numerous calls for projects in partnership with actors in the field:

Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SAAT),

Interregional clinical research and innovation clusters (GIRCI),

Patient associations such as the VLM association.

In order to carry out its actions and finance its research projects, the Foundation For Rare Diseases needs financial support and strives to create close partnerships with the professional world and civil society.

Patrons and partners may decide to support the Foundation's activities in general or to invest in specific projects.

Over 400 projects funded

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The Foundation provides financial support to academic research teams.
These researchers are located in laboratories throughout France.

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