Data challenge D-IA-GNO-DENT

April 11, 2023 | News

The D-IA-GNO-DENT consortium launches its DATA CHALLENGE. This consortium, coordinated by Pr Bloch-Zupan, is composed of the Reference Center for Rare Oral and Dental Diseases of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg, the O-Rares network, the University of Strasbourg, the IGBMC, the CERBM-gie and the Rare Disease Foundation. The objective of this Data Challenge is to help reduce the diagnostic wandering of people suffering from rare oral and dental diseases by creating an automated diagnostic tool using artificial intelligence to analyze photographs and dental radiographs.

These rare diseases affect multiple organs and systems and are often recognized by abnormalities in the teeth that are fixed over time by mineralization. The goal of the Virtual Oral Health Expertise program is to help health care professionals identify these rare diseases and refer patients to the appropriate care network. By using oral analysis as a marker of developmental disorders, it will be possible to detect the causal agent to improve the referral and management of patients with these rare diseases and thus reduce diagnostic errors.

Participants in the challenge must develop an AI algorithm capable of identifying structural defects in the surface of dental enamel from patient photographs and dental radiographs. Although the number of patients with these diseases and the amount of data are limited, the challenge is still achievable. The teams of the IGBMC, in collaboration with Capgemini and e-media, have already developed a powerful algorithm to help the diagnosis of rare diseases with missing teeth. To participate to this challenge click here.

Participants must produce a program capable of visually detecting genetic alterations in dental enamel in just three months. The jury will select the three winners based on the performance, robustness, reliability and repeatability of their algorithm, as well as its ability to communicate and be integrated with the virtual expert. The winners will receive awards of up to €20,000 for the first prize and €5,000 for the second and third prizes.