Co-design workshops in e-health: the 2023 winners

April 12, 2023 | News

For the 2023 edition, 6 "E-Health & Rare Diseases" projects have benefited from the co-design workshops!

57 project leaders and experts met on April 6, 2023 to challenge and support them

Discover the 6 winners:

  • PROJECT: Rare Diseases Itinerary

Project leader: Mrs Aurélie BERLAND - Project manager - Maladies Rares Occitanie

Objective: To make available to any professional who is required to coordinate care paths, a tool that helps him/her to accompany people with rare diseases or in diagnostic errancy. This digital tool in the form of a mind map will help the professional in his or her support process, from the problem to the adapted solutions. 

  • PROJECT : Gyn & Gen

Project initiator: Florence RICCARDI - Geneticist - Toulon - La Seyne sur mer Intercommunal Hospital (CHITS)

Objective: To develop an e-health application to provide gynecological and genetic expertise for rare diseases at the time of a parental project, a pregnancy and up to the first 1000 days of a child's life. This project is intended for patients and health professionals, to facilitate the care pathway 1/ of couples concerned by a rare disease whether it is a personal or family history, 2/ a pregnancy with abnormalities of non-invasive prenatal screening or ultrasound screening or 3/ a child aged 0 to 1000 days of life with a neurodevelopmental disorder and / or malformation."

* Supported with 5,000 euros

  • PROJECT : Brain Mouv

Project leader: Iris MAROLLEAU - Referent Brain- Team physiotherapist

Objective: Self-education solution in the form of a web application aimed at patients suffering from rare neurological diseases but also at the professionals who accompany them. This application will propose a digital pathway accessible to physical exercises according to the functional category of each one, and it will also allow an interaction and a follow-up of the exercises by the professional who accompanies the patient.

  • PROJECT : Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome Application

Project sponsor: Martine TAILLEZ - President, AMSN Association

Objective: Creation of a mobile application for patients, for a better daily follow-up, but also for the medical community. 


Project initiators: Federico DI ROCCO, Sofia GUERNOUCHE - Pediatric neurosurgery department of the HFME Lyon, HCL

Objective: Creation of a platform for the systematic screening of developmental disorders and follow-up of patients with craniostenosis.

* Supported with 5,000 euros

  • PROJECT : IA deaf-blindness and medico-social law

Project Initiator: Xavier ZANLONGHI - PH ophthalmology, CCMR, CHU Rennes

Objective: From simple rules such as the degree of visual and/or hearing impairment, the etiology of the rare disease, genetic or not, the age, the project aims to develop a weak artificial intelligence with the help of algorithms whose purpose is to determine typologies to know the medico-social rights.

* Supported with 5,000 euros

Congratulations to all for these beautiful projects!