Call for Projects "Human and Social Sciences & Rare Diseases" 2023

March 3, 2023 | News

The Rare Diseases Foundation launched its eleventh call for projects "Human and Social Sciences & Rare Diseases" on February 28, 2023. It aims to better understand the individual, family and social consequences specifically related to the rarity of the disease and to increase knowledge on the specific impact of these diseases in terms of disability and quality of life (support needs, activity limitations, restriction of social participation, personal rights).

🎯 The objective of the call for projects is the improvement of the life path of the people concerned and their entourage from the search for diagnosis to the care and support.

Projects must formulate a research question, the benefits of which can be transposed to other diseases, involving at least one research team in the Human and Social Sciences (SHS), a medical team specializing in rare diseases and a patient association. Finally, the applicant must be an expert in the field of SHS. This call for projects aims to promote the implementation of synergies between researchers in SHS, experts in the medical care of rare diseases (Centres de Référence Maladies Rares, Centres de Compétences, Filières de Santé Maladies Rares), patient associations and experts in social and medico-social support. It thus encourages the transdisciplinarity of research projects in SHS in the field of rare diseases and is open to all disciplines in SHS.