Rare Diseases & Pain" Research Award

January 27, 2023 | News

In addition to the well identified difficulties linked to rare diseases, a certain number of rare diseases are responsible for pain, inherent to the disease, which makes the daily life of patients increasingly difficult. Taking pain into account by the medical world is a duty but, in the particular context of rare diseases, it can be complicated to apprehend because of its specificity.

In response to this need to better take into account the pain associated with certain rare diseases, the APICIL Foundation has decided to join forces with the Rare Diseases Foundation to advance research by providing €15, 000 for a "rare diseases and pain" research project to be conducted in France.

The APICIL Foundation(www.fondation-apicil.org), which has been recognized as a public utility since 2004, aims to fight physical and psychological pain at all ages of life and is committed to fighting pain by financing research, supporting care and communicating on the subject.