Grand Raid de La Réunion 2023

July 10, 2023 | News

We're delighted to announce that the Fondation Maladies Rares has the honor of partnering the Grand Raid de La Réunion again this year! 🙌✨

We are extremely proud to support a team of 10 runners who will proudly wear the colors of our foundation on the legendary Diagonale des Fous race (165km, 10,000m D+). Their dedication and commitment are an inspiration to us all. 🏅💪

I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the Grand Raid de La Réunion organization for their ongoing support and invaluable collaboration. Their passion and dedication to organizing this incredible event is admirable. Thanks to their commitment to the cause of rare diseases, we are able to raise awareness and mobilize vital resources to support those affected. 🙏🌍

I would also like to warmly congratulate our runners for their incredible fundraising efforts on behalf of the Fondation Maladies Rares. Their perseverance and determination to make a real difference to the lives of people affected by rare diseases is truly inspiring.
Thanks to their tremendous effort, we managed to raise over 12,000 euros to support research and improve the living conditions of those affected. It's an extraordinary achievement! 🤝💙

I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported and contributed to this fundraising campaign. Your generosity has a profound and positive impact on the lives of many people affected by rare diseases. Together, we are stronger! 👏

We look forward to sharing our team's Grand Raid de La Réunion adventures with you, and to keeping you informed of the positive impact we'll continue to have thanks to your support.