Rare Diseases and Pain" Award

June 7, 2021 | News

The APICIL Foundation has joined forces with the Foundation For Rare Diseases to reward an innovative project in the field of rare diseases and pain by offering a "Rare Diseases and Pain" research prize of €15,000

Deadline for submission: October 1, 2021
Applications must be sent electronically only with the mention "
Rare Diseases and Pain Award" to the following address: christine.fetro@fondation-maladiesrares.com

To discover the text of the Prize, click here

" We are honored to be working with the Apicil Foundation, with whom we share the same values and a common goal: to relieve people who are ill.

It is urgent to act to accelerate research on rare diseases by encompassing all its dimensions, including pain. This pain associated with the disease can of course be physical, but also psychological, linked to the erratic diagnosis, to the announcement of the diagnosis, to the isolation and the difficulties of school and professional integration.) These pains, their evaluation and their management are at the heart of rare diseases.

This partnership between the Rare Diseases Foundation and the Apicil Foundation is fundamental, because beyond the financial support that will be granted to a winning project, there is a joint desire to highlight pain as a recurrent component of rare diseases.

Moving forward together represents a real potential for improvement in the daily lives of rare disease patients, who are often affected from birth and throughout their lives by these mainly genetic diseases."

Pr Daniel Scherman, Director of the Rare Diseases Foundation