New sponsor of the Foundation: SARSTEDT France

May 26, 2021 | News

We are honored to present SARSTEDT France, new sponsor of the Rare Diseases Foundation.
We invite you to discover this partner with the interview of its General Manager. Mathieu Boyer

Who are you?

SARSTEDT France is the subsidiary of the Sarstedt group, a German manufacturer and family business present in 34 countries.
We market plastic laboratory consumables, in vitro diagnostic medical devices, laboratory instrumentation (peri-analytical) and transfusion solutions.
Our main customers are academic research centers, private and public biology laboratories, hospitals, EFS, Biotech & CRO, etc...
In France, our headquarters are based near Besançon, where we have our manufacturing plant for serological pipettes for the whole world, our customer service, our administrative services, our marketing department and support for our customers.
We are known worldwide for the quality of our products, but also for our proximity to our customers.
We ensure the distribution of our products through our own sales force spread throughout the territory, all trained on our products and supported by experts for each of our ranges.

What is this solidarity 'operation'?

For 3 years now, SARSTEDT France has chosen to support a different association each year. Our customers are very often in search of financing in order to advance their work and they also very often use our products. That's why we think it's fair to support them by donating a part of our turnover, which supports our own teams and allows us to continue to innovate.

Why such a commitment?

This commitment is not just French. It is guided by the culture of our family company and is part of our DNA.
SARSTEDT has been committed to the public good since 1986, when we supported research and innovation in Germany through awards. SARSTEDT is a partner for scientific and medical research and we are particularly proud of this.

Why did you choose to support the Rare Diseases Foundation?

The choice of the association is the fruit of the reflection of the teams of Sarstedt France.
Every year, we ask them to make proposals and the association that is most often requested by the teams is then selected.
This year, the choice fell on the Foundation for Rare Diseases which affects more than 3 million people in France. It is therefore a very relevant choice in our eyes