Winners of the Call for Projects for Rare Diseases Health Networks

July 8, 2022 | News

The Rare Diseases Foundation is very pleased to announce the winners of the joint Call for Projects "Rare Diseases Health Networks" Rare Diseases Foundation - AFM-Telethon.

Therefore, 6 projects will be supported:

  • Allamand Valérie ; Suppression of premature termination codons by anticodon-edited tRNAs ; Filières : Filnemus, OSCAR, Fimarad
  • Bonnaffé David ; A new way of targeting IFN-g for ocular dryness of primary Sjögren's Syndrome: towards eye-drops of glycomimetics endowed with nanomolar anti-IFN-g activities ; Filières : Fai2R
  • Contin-Bordes Cécile ; Endothelial cell-induced macrophages efferocytosis alteration during Systemic Sclerosis: mechanistic dissection and new therapeutic intervention to limit fibrosis ; Filières : FAI2R
  • Marty Isabelle ; Nanoblades as a genome editing tool for neuromuscular disorders ; Filnemus
  • Tabary Olivier ; Development of a new microRNA therapeutic approach for the treatment of all patients with Cystic Fibrosis ; Pathways : MUCO-CFTR
  • Talon Isabelle ; Pediatric mesh innovation with 3D bioprinting process : the first prosthesis design for children ; Filières : Fimatho

Full text of the Call for Projects

List of winners