IRDiRC Publication

January 26, 2022 | News

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) is proud to announce the publication of a commentary on 10 years of progress and challenges of IRDiRC in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. The article summarizes IRDiRC's vision and goals and highlights its achievements and prospects after its first decade (2011-2021).

The commentary has been authored by Lucia Monaco (Consortium Assembly Chair 2018-2021), David Pearce (Consortium Assembly Chair 2021-2024), Daria Julkowska (EJP RD Coordinator and IRDiRC Scientific Secretariat Coordinator), Galliano Zanello (IRDiRC Scientific Secretariat Member), and IRDiRC members Gareth Baynam, Anneliene H. Jonker, Adam L. Hartman, Daniel O'Connor, Chiuhui Mary Wang, and Durhane Wong-Rieger.

The supplementary information included with the commentary provides a visual summary of IRDiRC's vision and goals, its international reach, the organization of its committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces, an overview of communication activities, and rare disease metrics.

The article is available under an open-access license for a limited time only here.

The supplementary information can be downloaded from here.