University Diploma: Gene and cell therapies for rare diseases and diseases related to cancer and aging

October 2, 2020 | News

Training delivered by professionals recognized for their expertise in innovative therapies.

The development of innovative therapies in the fields of cancer, neuromuscular and neurogenetic diseases and aging represent major areas of investment by pharmaceutical companies worldwide in a competitive context. As a result, patient care, professional practices and regulations are evolving rapidly.

Faced with these rapid and important changes, this DU offers an overview of what these therapies are, their applications in the three main fields with demonstrations in current practice, but also a methodological approach to the implementation of trials and innovative therapeutic treatments. The teaching team is deliberately multidisciplinary and interprofessional in order to cover the different fields studied.

This training is open to medical professionals (physicians, pharmacists), hospital paramedics, medical or pharmaceutical interns, hospital personnel (research engineers, biomedical engineers) working in an ICU or a cell and gene therapy unit (CGTU).

Registration: August 15 to October 8, 2020 on the website of the Faculty of Medicine of Nice até- de-medecine (tab " Continuing medical education " then " University diplomas ")

Educational Information : Pr Sabrina Sacconi:

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Registration fee: 1 957,00 €.