Podcast "Mots de têtes" of the Filière TETECOU

April 12, 2022 | News

The Filière TETECOU broadcasts the first episodes of "Mots de têtes", the podcast of the Filière de Santé Maladies Rares de la tête, du cou et des dents, dedicated to recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.



Meet :

- the health professional: Pr Nicolas Leboulanger, ENT and cervico-facial surgeon at the Reference Center for Rare ENT Malformations (MALO) at the University Hospital Necker-Enfants malades,

- the researcher: Dr. Emmanuelle Jouanguy, director of research at the Imagine Institute,

- the patient: Emy and her mother, Caroline, members of the association Vaincre PRR


A big thank you to Pr Nicolas Leboulanger, Dr Emmanuelle Jouanguy, and Emy and Caroline for taking up this challenge with talent!


Every month, on your favorite podcast platforms and on www.tete-cou.fr, you can listen to the "Mots de têtes" podcasts dedicated to a new malformation of the head, neck and teeth.