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The French Foundation for Rare Diseases

About the Foundation

The French Foundation for Rare Diseases (FFRD) is a non-profit organization of scientific cooperation. Its missions are to accelerate research for all rare diseases by supporting research and researchers. The granted projects concern decrypting diseases, assist in diagnosis by identifying the cause of diseases, help develop new treatments, and improving daily rare disease patient and family life.

Flagship of the 2nd French National Rare Diseases Plan, with a growing team of 15 people, FFRD acts as a federative hub to fund research and accelerate scientific, clinical and social innovation by stimulating cross-sector cooperation towards effective healthcare to the benefit of RD patients. Its active financial support spans from biomedical sciences to Social Sciences and Humanities. Since its creation in 2012, FFRD has funded 325 projects (out of 994 submitted) for a cumulated amount of 9,4M€ (30 calls for proposals).

With headquarters located in Paris, FFRD also relies on a team of seven regional field coordinators in direct contact with academic and clinical teams all over the national territory to ensure that priorities are driven by grounded needs. FFRD main objectives include: accelerating the translation of research into clinical development; detecting business development opportunities; enhancing access to innovative technologies; facilitating cross-sector partnerships. With its close contacts with academic researchers and clinicians in the field, FFRD is contributing to early identification of proofs of therapeutic concept and making links with other partners in the research value chain, namely SMEs, Pharmas, and Technology Transfer Officers.

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Mrs Laurence Tiennot-Herment (AFM-Téléthon President)
Mr. Jean-Paul Delevoye ( CESE President and former Minister and Ombudsman)
Prof.Jean-Louis Mandel (French Foundation for Rare Diseases President)
Dr. Nathalie Cartier (French Foundation for Rare Diseases Scientific Committee President

About the Foundation

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