The Foundation For Rare Diseases supports research teams in the development of their project at all stages regardless the the nature of the project or the pathology targeted.

Its support covers the field of translational research and brings together the expertise necessary for continuity between basic research and clinical research. Its action is free of charge and without sharing intellectual property and is based on the following axes:


In order to reach the market and benefit the patient, any innovation must undergo an often long and costly development process. Consequently, it is essential to protect the invention in order to have exclusive rights.
The Foundation provides guidance to the development structure in order to establish an invention declaration, to patent and transfer the innovation.


The goal of research is to find a drug candidate that is active in a given disease. The development of this drug candidate into a medicine goes through a series of stages governed by strict and complex regulations.
The Foundation helps to evaluate the relevance of filing a dossier according to the stage of development of the project, to find providers specialized in regulatory affairs and to establish a relationship with the regulatory agencies.


Funding from the Foundation’s calls for projects complements other sources of funding for pilot or seed projects, the implementation and validation of which may prove fundamental to the deployment of major projects.
The Foundation directs researchers to its calls for projects or to other sources of funding depending on the nature of the projects (AFM, FRM, ANR, E-Rare, PHRC, PRTS, etc.). It also helps them to write the presentation file.


This activity is carried out by our regional managers who are in the field, close to the research teams. We invite you to contact the regional manager in your area to discuss the free support we can provide to accelerate your work. 

You will find the affiliations and contact details of our regional managers in the section Our team.