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Our results since 2012

The French Foundation for Rare Diseases follows an active scientific policy and launches 5 to 7 calls for project proposals per year. Through these calls, the Foundation facilitates the access of researchers to cutting-edge technologies (high throughput sequencing platforms, molecular screening, and development of experimental models). Of the 1200 projects received since 2012, 375 have been funded and are carried out by players involved in research and healthcare throughout France. The investment dedicated to these 375 projects by the FFRD amounts to 11,4 million euros.


Fpdfunded projects 2012-13

pdfFunded projects 2014

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  • La Fondation 10.05.2021

    Lundi prochain 17 mai, le colloque scientifique de la Fondation

    La Fondation Maladies Rares est heureuse de vous inviter à son colloque scientifique annuel «Enjeux et Défis...

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  • Maladies rares 07.05.2021

    Nouvel appel à projets de recherche “Sciences humaines et sociales & maladies rares”

    La Fondation Maladies Rares lance le neuvième appel à projets de recherche « Sciences humaines et sociales...

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