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Deciphering Rare Diseases

The French Foundation for Rare Diseases contributes to the identification of each disease, to the advent of new possible treatments and to the improvement of the life pathway of sick people.

The Foundation is the only French structure that promotes the research on the whole rare diseases. The Foundation finances, coordinates and supports the best projects of research and gives the different needed ressources to the actors(academics, industrials and institutions) to work together.

The seven regional managers of the Foundation detect and support the development of therapeutical proof-of-concept to accelerate the development of treatment candidates, related to the research Technology Transfer Offices) and in collaboration with industrials.

The French Foundation for Rare Diseases aims to identify the causes of rare diseases and to promote the emergence of drug candidates. It funds and supports targeted projects linking healthcare professionals and researchers to create a unique chain of know-how.

The FFRD is the only national research impetus for all rare diseases. It finances, coordinates and supports the best research projects and gives the means to the different actors (academics, industrialists and institutions) to work together.

The FFRD follows an active scientific policy and launches 5 to 7 calls for project proposals per year. Through these calls, the Foundation facilitates the access of researchers to cutting-edge technologies (high throughput sequencing platforms, molecular screening, and development of experimental models).

Our ambition

To help diagnosis:
• Identify genes involved in the diseases
• Keep research at the forefront of innovation

To develop new treatments
• Elucidate the mechanisms of diseases
• Identify therapeutic leads
• Prepare the clinical development of drug candidates before transfer to industrialists

Our actions

  • Select and finance research projects
    The FFRD funds targeted projects with health and research stakeholders to create a unique know-how chain that decrypts the causes of diseases and develops new drugs.
  • Facilitate access to innovative technologies
    The FFRD has established agreements with leading-edge technology platforms across the country to provide researchers with access to the latest technology and essential skills.

  • Supporting research teams to promote the emergence of drug candidates

The FFRD accompanies proof of principle at all stages of their therapeutic development, regardless of their nature or targeted pathology.

You’ll find the description of our supported project here